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Have you ever gone to a certain event that was jaw dropping? It could be any kind of event - be it fundraising, groundbreaking ceremony, product or brand launching. It makes your wonder - just how did they came up with the theme and concept? True enough, event planning can be as exciting as it sounds, but, it also takes a lot of time and effort. This is one of the many reasons why most companies or organizations opt to work with a credible and creative event planner for their events – a company like Zynger Event Designs.

The Special Event is known for its ability to draw a great crowd: the best of the best in the event industry. The industries largest tradeshow, it’s the go to place for...

When you need to host a conference for your business or organization, you might feel overwhelmed with all the details. Instead of getting stuck in the nuances of how many chairs need to be in each room, you can find experienced event planning companies in Los Angeles, such as Zynger Event Designs, to do this for you. Consider these three benefits of using an event planner for your next business-related conference.
If you're thinking about hosting any type of event, no matter whether it is an auction, party, business conference or any other type of event, then you might be overwhelmed at the prospect of having to deal with all the event details that such an event requires. Even if the event isn't a huge one, a lot goes into planning any type of successful party or event.
If you run a corporation or nonprofit group, a community or corporate networking event can be a great way to increase visibility. How can you make your next event memorable? If you want to increase your visibility in the local business world or want the community to learn more about you, holding a public event can be a great way to achieve that goal. Examples of events that you can hold include a charity dinner and auction, a music festival or a job fair. What can you do to make your next event stand out?

With the holiday season here and parties in full swing, we asked some of our colleagues and friends how they make it through a successful event season. Here’s what they had to...

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