Los Angeles Event Planning Companies: 4 Successful Event Fundraising Tips

successful fundraising tips

Los Angeles Event Planning Companies: 4 Successful Event Fundraising Tips

With so many fundraising events taking place across the US, nonprofits need all the help they can get to stand out, as well as attract and retain their donors. Even if your focus isn’t on holding fundraising events, it’s still a good idea to have one from time to time as it allows you to interact with your existing community and get potential volunteers and/or donors interested in your cause. Zynger Events, a trusted Los Angeles event planning company, has four major pointers that you must incorporate into your next fundraising event to make it an extraordinary one.

#1. Find brand advocates

You can’t be the only one promoting your event. You need to have brand advocates – ‘champions’ – who can inspire friends, family, and people in their circle to care about your cause. These brand advocates are typically made up of people who already support your organization with their time or donations. Make these people your ‘host committee’.

successful fundraising tips

#2. Pick the right venue

The look and atmosphere of the event venue is critical to the overall experience of your guests.  Make them feel like they truly belong, and welcome them to the event – even as early as arriving to valet/or the parking lot!

#3. Plan as if you’re a guest

When planning your event, look at it from the point of view of a guest. Think about presentation lengths, meal selection, giveaway items, and so on. Will you appreciate what the event has in store? If you’re on the fence about something, chances are your guests will be to. People don’t like having their time wasted, so make sure your guests don’t feel this way by the end of the event.

#4. Professional event planning help

Finally, if you don’t have the needed experience planning and executing a successful fundraising event, you can seek the help of top event planning companies in Los Angeles, such as Zynger Events, to guarantee your event’s success.


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