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We thought it might be nice if we shared some of the resources we use to plan an event with our users! As you may or may not know, having an event go off without a hitch isn’t something that happens by magic. Careful planning, a lot of coordination and hard work always goes into making sure guests and hosts alike are happy.

We’ve included an Event Critical Timeline, a Non Profit Budget Template, and an Event Site Visit Template to show you what we use to prepare for an event.

Each is hosted on Google Docs for you to do with as you please.

If you’d like to download a spreadsheet for Excel, you can do that by selecting “File > Download as… > Microsoft Excel“.

If you’d like to keep and edit the spreadsheet on Google Docs, click “File > Make a copy…

Event Critical Timeline

This is an event critical timeline. It’ll help you get a handle on what needs to happen when for your event to go off without a hitch. It is arguably the most important piece of paper you’ll have in your arsenal as an event designer.

Non Profit Budget Template

This template is what we use when we’re putting on a non-profit event and we need to figure out our budget. You may find that you add or remove a couple of things to or from this list, but that’s its purpose! This should get you heading down the right path so that you don’t end up in the red at the end of the event!

Event Site Visit Template

This is a template that should be filled out when you first visit the event site. Every event site is going to have some special exceptions that make it unique, so feel free to add anything you see that isn’t covered by the template to the “Other” section. There’s no such thing as too much info when filling out the site template.


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