Event Planning Companies Share Effective Tips on Marketing Your Event

Event Planning Companies Share Effective Tips on Marketing Your Event

Marketing is an essential part of event planning; it’s how you “sell” your event to drum up excitement and ensure that you are not spending your time planning a great event only to have an empty room. The fact is, no matter how well you have planned, or how creative you were with your event; it won’t be a success without attendees. Here are some tips to help you attract attendees.

“Play Up” You Theme!

Help to create an image for your event, tell a story. Tying in a theme by using artwork or images will help to let people know what your event is all about. You can come up with creative ways to incorporate your them in the event title, the color scheme, your invitations, posters, or any other materials that you produce that are associated with the event. Get people excited about attending, share pictures and hints on Facebook and social media – tell part of the story to attract them – and help them imagine what the event will be like to be there in person, help them to imagine themselves as part of the festivities.

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Event planning companies in Los Angeles, such as Zynger Event Designs, will help you come up with creative ideas.

Expand Your Promotional Reach

There are various channels for promoting your event; many different ways in which you can drum up excitement and get people to attend. You can invite people in person, by printed invitations or mailers, or, by using email lists or on line invitation website such as evite or eventbrite to name a few. Social media is also a very powerful tool for spreading the word on an event. Creating an “Event” on Facebook, not only allows people to access the event details, but, you can send out reminders, post photos, and let others join in on the fun by making comments and extending the invitation to their own friends.

You can also place event posters in bars, schools, downtown markets, and other places where your target market frequently visit. The overall key for promoting your event is to determine where you can find the people you want to invite, and then find avenues to connect with them and get them excited about what you are doing.

Use your Location

Use the event location as a part of your marketing tool, especially if it’s unique or something new! Try to find a place that has built in entertainment, or, would be a destination on it’s own. Museums are great event locations – they have things to do, things to look at, and in most cases are an attractive place that will help your guests feel special, or, like they are someplace “exclusive”.  There are also many great venues that have fabulous scenic views, live entertainment, or even world renowned food and beverage.

As you can see, marketing is a vast and expansive field. In addition to the information that we shared, there are always other avenues to pursue, and other ideas to consider. Think about these recommendations, and use them to your advantage to reach your target market and attract attendees.

However, if you need the additional help of a professional who has the experience and expertise to ensure the making of a successful event, you always have the option to turn to Zynger Event Designs, one of Los Angeles’ top event planning companies, and let us take care of that for you!


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